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What Motivates Me?

Recently I was musing over what was motivating me to stick to my exercise and nutrition program. Here's what I came up with:
Results! I am loving the muscular definition I am achieving. I have more energy. I am sleeping less. Results are motivating me to maintain and to strive for more results!Training Logs- I no longer see these as mere useful tools to help me. My training logs are ESSENTIAL for my motivation over the long haul. Tracking results, gauging improvements, appreciating consistency and achievement- these are motivators I NEED to stay on track.The challenge of the discipline it takes to stay on a program is motivating, especially over the long term. This loops me back to the results I am achieving with compounding momentum!Friendly competition with myself and my peers motivates me. The runners who log 50K+ each week inspire me to push myself. My own logged workout scores give me a goal to work towards in any given workout- a PB!What motivates you? Take a good look at wha…

Adventures in Raw Food

Lately I have been trying to engage clients, friends and colleagues to participate in mini challenges with me online in an attempt to push ourselves and motivate/inspire each other. These challenges involve workouts, exercise time and rep challenges, and nutrition challenges- they are all posted on my website here
One of these challenges was a modified raw food cleanse for the New Year, and the Facebook event can be found here.
I went into this thinking it would be relatively straightforward- that I'd eat tons of raw vegetables and fruits, be hungry for a week or so, and "flush" out. Day 1 January 1st I was hungover, hurting from the coffee withdrawl on top of the food. By Day 2 I was feeling better bit increasingly dissatisfied with food and began googling raw food in the hopes of finding some direction. This revealed an entire philosophy on the raw food diet, what constitutes "raw" food (live food), etc. It is fascinating stuff. I liked this website in particul…

My first Bonified "Raw" Food meal

I made my first raw meal!
Raw Carrot & Ginger Soup Green Beans w/soaked quinoa with a splash of soy & sesame oil Green salad with chopped spinach & with a peanut/garlic/ginger splash ...Bean sprouts with a splash of soy & sesame oil Cherry Tomatoes
I am excited!
It was yummy. This meal I just ate is taking awhile to "hit" me, but I think it will be... filling & satisfying in about 10 minutes lol. I feel pretty hollow from this raw food cleanse (Day 3) but I know I am nourished.
This is very reminiscent of drinking soy milk and eating tofu for the first time- the texture of the raw soup is very different, and although I am sure I can get it tastier with each batch I make, it's still taking quite some getting used to. Wow.
P.S. I should have taken my pictures BEFORE I ate, but I was ravenous! 

I will say this- when I set up this "raw food" challenge/cleanse I thought it would be easy. Then I started reading about raw food diets and the philos…