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Sugarfree Ways to Satisfy your sweet tooth!

For all of you chocolate lovers, here are some things that have satiated my cravings!

Chocolate Avocado Pudding:
1 avocado1 Tbsp Coconut Milk Cocoa to tasteHoney to taste Serve with bananas, strawberries, on toast, crepes, etc mmmmmmmm

Hot Cocoa:
1+ Tbsp cocoa 1 + Tbsp coconut milkHoney to taste

Eat chocolate with nuts! Try semi sweet chocolate chips mixed with raisins, cashews, walnuts, almonds, pecans, or sesame snacks. The protein will satiate your appetite and reduce your craving. The flavors are delicious!

Smoothie Recipe

Here is my go-to smoothie recipe for everyone who has asked me for it.

I blend all the powders, oils and liquid before adding the fruit. Add water to thin to taste. 

This is always very sweet and yummy and full of nutrient dense choices. I make a 9 cup batch each week and keep it refrigerated in the blender carafe. When I need a serving I throw it on the base and whip it; sometimes adding ice.

I'm sure you could try any variation of this recipe, adding or omitting ingredients. I swear by this concoction; it keeps me feeling like a lean mean metabolic machine :)

Smoothie recipe: (my go to)
1/3 cup coconut milk powder (base)1 cup water1 cup almond milk (protein)1 cup OJ (I use concentrate + 1 cup water)2 frozen bananas (potassium + sweet)2 scoops natural hemp powder or ancient grains powder (quinoa, millet etc)1 Tbsp Coconut oil (energy)1 Tbsp Flax oil (inflammation)1 avocado (super food + healthy fat)3/4 cup frozen fruit- I like pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, mango. Usuall…

Is it Safe to Run with Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

In support of Incontinence Awareness Month June 2015

Is it Safe to Run with Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

I was a recreational runner pre-baby. Post-baby, I suffered stress incontinence when I returned to the sport. I was fine while running, coughing or sneezing, but if both happened simultaneously I peed my pants. Although it improved as I recovered, it never fully resolved until I addressed it with a restorative exercise program. From a pelvic floor assessment I found out I have both a grade one cystocele and rectal prolapse.

There are many moms who run with symptoms of incontinence, from a few drops to full bladder leakage. The solution is not to wear a pad, it is to address the obvious weakness and strategically strengthen the muscles to support the sport. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Running involves impact and requires the core strength necessary to support it.
Stress incontinence is a symptom of core dysfunction and often related to diastasis recti (although not always). Runn…