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Happy New Year from Kate!

Happy New Year! I am coining 2013 the year of "Digging Deep" as we pursue our loftiest goals and ambitions in all areas of our health and wellness.
Goal setting is 101 in our strategies for success. Consider these aspects of your well being when planning for 2013:

1.) Exercise- Build towards 3-5x week and steadily increase workout frequency to that goal.

2.) Nutrition- KISS. Simplicity is key. Avoid empty calories. Make healthy choices. No fast food. Eat fresh. Every color is a nutrient. Portions are palm sized. Refined sugar is bad. Choose nutrient dense calories. These are simple rules for success.

3.) Work- We all have to do it. Find balance in the hours you have every day. Remember that over achieving is counter-productive. Balance is key.

4.) Personal- Do not overlook your social, mental and emotional health in your pursuit of balance. Check out once in awhile. Leave your cell phone at home. Spend time with your kids. Walk your dog. Have a date night. Read a book. Watch a movie. Take a nap. It can be hard to justify! You earn it, you deserve it.

I will share some of my strategies for the coming year in the hopes you will remember them as you strive towards being the very best you can be!

1.) Take Classes! I have a prenatal client who loves to box. We have decided to become certified kickboxing instructors this year after her baby is born. It's a fun goal that will give us the satisfaction and credibility of a certificate on the wall!

2.) Commit! Personal  trainers and gyms offer packages in January for a reason- to help you solidify your resolve to your long term goals! Take advantage of offers to commit. Register for a race to give yourself a deadline. Find a way to demonstrate your commitment in a real-life way.
3.) Buddy Up! Share your challenges and successes in a meaningful way. I have a client training for her first Half Marathon and if she does it, so will I! Show your support to those you encourage and share their enthusiasm.

4.) Start today! Find one thing that will fit today and do it! Every day is different. It could be a single sun salutation, a run, a 4:00 HIIT set, a gym workout, a swim, tai chi, or 5 minutes of eyes-closed mediation- just do one thing today!

Dig Deep. Psssst. Call me :)


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