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Getting Back to What You Know (and Love!)

I have been admittedly on a cardio junkie kick. Over the past 5 days I have walked over 10K, run over 25K, and even squeezed in a fullbody crosstraining workout. Let's start there....

On Monday I did an "empathy workout"- I did a client's workout, amped up to my level. She is a beginner, so she does exactly half of what I busted out. I felt this would probably be a good indication of how difficult it is for her. It was a great workout:

20:10 work:rest maximum reps for a total 4:00 per exercise x 4 exercises, + 2 exercises set reps x 2 rounds
  • Squat Push Up Jumps
  • Lunge Jumps
Break with 1 x 16 reps supine side leg lift with center bunny hop, Tricep push ups x 13/side
  • Pike to Plank
  • Explosive Star
Repeat break set as above.

My reps weren't super high, but my form was A+. It felt great, and took about 45 minutes w/warm up and cool down.

I finally got both kids out for a family run- Seth in the stroller and Jenny on her bike- a quick 3.5K roundtrip to the playground/picnic. It was sweltering hot midday and Seth's helmet was almost a total disaster. Fortunately I have another I can try. At least we got it done. Next time I will certainly plan for a later day adventure when the heat is less smothering.

Today was my 15K run which I completed in less than 1:17:00, which is an amazing time for me- it actually would equate to a PB for half marathon distance at that pace. I totally attribute my increase of power to the hardcore crosstraining I have been doing. My legs were very strong and quite honestly did not tire nearly as quickly as during my May 16th race.  When I look at my training log since the race I have only run a dozen times, but I have logged many hours on the stationary cycle as well as the intense strength training. 

That's really some amazing progress, to have shaved 0:52 off my comfortable run pace. My RPE tonight was a comfortable 15. My pace was 5:08. That's the fastest I have ever run that distance.

Progress is Motivating!


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