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Still in Recovery Workout

I am back to Day 1-2. Yesterday was a dedicated rest day although I had intended for it to be a workout day. It seems through this cold I have been managing 1 day on 1 day off, which is not a bad balance of exercise and rest. My "on" days have been full program sets; perhaps if I had scaled them back in consideration of my illness I may have achieved better consistency day to day, rather than alternating on/off- something to think about for next time. I have a difficult time not pushing for 100% even when it knocks me on my ass. It's not always the most productive approach.

So today was Core day time challenge, with 3 exercises in circuit, set reps, + 2 exercises just for fun :) Repeat.

  • Reptile 20/25, 30/25
  • Mountain Climbers 25/30, 30/35
  • Plank Knee Tucks 25/35, 35/35
Round 1 was 2:18 + 2:30 = 4:48
Round 2 was 2:26 + 2:22 = 4:48
Go figure

Extra exercises:
  • Monkey Push Ups with Jumps 25/25 3:06/2:43
  • Explosive Star 25/25 1:19/1:14
Warm up: Sun Salutations
Cool Down/Key Stretches: Child's Pose Anterior & Posterior Deltoids

This was a good 20 minutes. I had more in me but I reigned it in for practicality and time management. 20 minutes + warm up and cool down is a perfect workout. One of my short term goals is to add an additional 4:00 set to my workouts, increasing them to 24:00; but for now aiming for 20:00 is my program.

I have been working out in my garage for the past 8 weeks or so. Today it was far too hot so I took it inside and worked out in my bedroom. I decided to go without running shoes in bare feet. Wow. It is amazing how a slight modification can impact a workout so. 

I first noticed it doing my sun salutations. There is a reason why yoga is usually performed barefoot. It was more fluid and soft somehow. Doing the strength exercises was also different- I had a different attention to my form, my jumps were softer, I could contact differently with the ground through the balls, heels and soles of my feet.  It really added a more fluid dynamic to the explosive exercises. It goes to show you how our workout routines affect our performance and our attitudes. I will really enjoy the indoor workouts during the heat of the summer, and I look forward to how my improvements translate back into my running shoes!


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