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Days 4 & 5- Let the carbo load commence!

After 3 days of carbo purge I had bread for breakfast yesterday- fresh from the bread machine at 7AM. My house smelled amazing when I woke up and the first word my 2 year old said upon waking was "bread". Admittedly I was feeling a bit "off" after my protein-focused carb purge- a little crampy and thick, and even a bit hungry. I didn't go crazy yesterday morning. I had 1/2 slice of bread with 1/2 banana en route to my first client, then finished the last half an hour later driving to client #2. I also drank 8oz of water every hour. I started to feel like my old self but still a bit uneasy in the gut.
For a mid afternoon meal I had rice, tofu, mushrooms, leeks & bean sprouts. Slowly reintroducing carbs I plodded through the day.

I was feeling quite sore from my badass workout Tuesday and stretched a lot- 4x in the AM with clients, +2x on my own in the afternoon, then again last night with my PM client. While working out (in side bridge) my shoulder tweeked and then my neck totally cramped. It didn't feel pulled or strained, but rather more like a muscle cramp. I reigned in the trainer participation part of the session :), drove home gingerly and had a Mortrin when I got home to relax the muscle (I rarely do that!) Although I was hungry I was too stiff to do much, so I drank some Smirnoff cooler :) with some cheese crackers (carbs carbs carbs!), had a hot soak and laid down. Today I took another Motrin upon waking and seem to have limbered up. I certainly don't need a neck cramp busting my PB. Ug. I am feeling better. 

Today I ate modestly and plan a big pasta carbo load after work tonight. It'll be homemade and delicious like this, and we bought Semolina flour for an extra special recipe. I'm going to continue hydrating diligently. I have been strict with refined sugar this week. Tomorrow I will try to eat as "normal" as I can, focusing on fresh fruits & veggies with bean salad planned for my pre-race dinner. It's going to be a busy day with 5 kids in the house, 2 training sessions, race kit pick up then early bedtime. It is forecast to be sunny and warm on Sunday! It's race weekend! Stay tuned to my FB page for live updates via Sportstats. This is the best annual race in Mississauga in my humble opinion. I am jacked and ready. Wish me luck! 


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