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This Week's Nutrition- Myself AND my client!

This week has been all about making a push! With workouts in high gear post race, we are hitting the gym a lot and paying attention to the nutrition supporting these workouts. Here is a snapshot of how we are eating, high in protein for weight training on the Universal machine. We are building muscles baby!

<--- Oatmeal breaded chicken strips with seamed potato, steamed beets, quinoa rice, steamed greens, apple slices w/homemade apple sauce/butter, cucumber, snow peas, sour cream.

 Homemade perogies. Heart shaped :) --->; 
Potato & Cheese with homemade pasta wrap.

<---- We bought these beautiful steaks at The Apple Factory last weekend. It was served with asparagus stalks (a but tough but we steam them extra long and enjoy the high dose of fibre- pragmatism over aesthetics lol), steamed beets, homemade apple sauce/butter, snow peas, tomatoes, dandelion root stir fry & homemade pasta.

We are certainly focusing on high protein meals. Today we dropped by Sobey's to get some shrimp for a stir fry and found a great sale on meat. Ham was $1/pound and chicken thighs were 4 for $2 (so we bought 8 packs!), plus a tray of chicken breasts- about 8 for $8. Take advantage of the sales I advise, in attempts to eat healthy & smart on a family budget. Shrimp was $12/pound so we put it back and bought an extra ham to freeze- bang for buck! With plenty of kids and company around it's a good stock-up that will get eaten quickly.

We are anticipating the arrival of a BBQ generously being passed along to us by a runner friend. This is going to help maximize the weight training bigtime- says the vegetarian trainer ;)

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not dogmatic. Although I tend towards a vegetarian food plan, I recognize that small portions of meat can give me a concentrated protein boost that would take a lot of beans to achieve ;) I am pushing for results.

I have a new client who is a long standing running colleague and friend. She came on board this week needing inspiration on all fronts, nutrition included. I referred her to my blog for ideas and she has been emailing me photos of her meals. Wow. I want to eat at Sue's :)

We discussed the idea of the "do-your-own-buffet" approach to food planning, where we make a few salads and dishes to mix and match with each small (interval) meal. I love me a coachable client, and here are Sue's meals from this week. Take a page!

<--- Mediterranean Barley Rice Salad that you serve over baby spinach with crumbled feta on top. Yummy.

 Quinoa barley salad made with fresh veggies and a ginger vinaigrette. Mmmm --->

<--- Chick Pea Quinoa with spinach greens, avocado & squash.

To all of my clients who are asking for recipes- TAKE A PAGE! This is easy peasy stuff folks and Sue is testament to that. I love me a coachable client! Keep it up baby :)


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