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Workout Form & Good Eats- Training Smart

This week I have not used the weight machine much as my wrists have been sore and recovering. I did a small set with the guys to do some "grip testing" in an attempt to adjust the set up of the machine for better form. The problem with the Universal is the way the machine adjusts- seat height and position are simply notches - the adjustments are bell-curve incremental. I can't refine it to the perfect position which will give me perfect form. Dang machines. What is interesting (although a bit demoralizing) is that with better position/form I am only benching 30lbs, not the 60 I thought I was up to. It never ceases to amaze me how much "better" you can perform with crap form (but not for long before injury takes you down!) Whenever I  reign in my runners' form they invariably slow down and then complain about how much faster they run "their" way. You may run a 1:35 Half, but how will your performance stand the test of time? Poor form over thousa