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Selecting the best exercises for Pregnancy

There are plenty of exercises that are safe, effective, targeted to strengthening imbalances, and supportive of the pregnant condition. Prenatal exercise is a tremendous investment in the health and well being of both mom and baby. Knowing the best exercises for pregnancy is the challenge, so use this as a guide. It is imperative to follow general prenatal fitness guidelines, and to have a Parmed-X for pregnancy signed by your primary prenatal caregiver. Prenatal (General Trimester Guidelines) If you were previously active you can work at moderate intensity 30 minutes/day or more. Stay well hydrated and don't become fatigued or overheated. The baby is susceptible to heat and you're more likely to be fatigued. Consume an additional 300 calories per 30 minutes of exercise. Cardio 3-5x/week 30:00 Strength 2-4x week 30:00 Stretch Daily Cardio: Low impact cardio is best suited for pregnancy. It reduces the pressure on the pelvic floor which is al

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Soup recipe

Pumpkin Soup Recipe:   My workout buddy LOVED this so apparently it IS as delicious as I thought and easy easy easy. I made it up :) Clean Pumpkin meat and steam, sprinkled with 1:2 nutmeg:curry powder, a little salt + a little onion salt.  Pan fry 1 celery stalk + onion in coconut oil until browned. Add pumpkin + celery/onion mix to the steam water and simmer on low.  Add 1 tomato, 1/2 can coconut milk, 3 dates and simmer 1 hour.  Cool and puree in blender Reheat and garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds 

Fitness Pursuits for 2013

 I have been sorely absent from this blog due to my very busy schedule. I aspire to write full length articles on all of the activities I am preoccupied with this year, but for now I'll short hand it in point form: Bodybuilding: I have gained 5 lbs of muscle in 7 months. We started in April once/week and quickly bumped up to 2x. After a couple of months we started adding a 3rd weekly workout whenever we could. We started out on the universal machine and transitioned to free weights almost exclusively in August. I train with a friend of mine and defer to him regarding our set and workout formats. We always push to max.  Strength training has become the big physical push and mental checkout time that is keeping me sane.  It has been very demanding on my sleep and nutrition routine, which has forced me to improve my discipline in these areas, or risk suffering major recovery setbacks post workout. Hypopresives: Another intra-abdominal exercise program involving apnea bre