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Running Full Circle

I have been meaning to write this blog for weeks, as I am at another juncture with my running (currently barely running) schedule. Last year after completing the Mississauga Half Marathon in May I took my typical summer off from running, as I cannot run in the heat. It's the Newfie in me I suppose :) Usually fall rolls around and I get back in the swing of running. This year that did not happen. As a single mom I am finding it difficult to make time when I do not have my kids. I am busy with life and work, but really that is nothing new. I recognize that like everything, running is a matter of priority and I just haven't been making it one. I even have fancy new running gear! So what's the problem? As I weigh in I am 8 pounds heavier than I was last year at this time. It's all muscle. I work so very hard for my strength improvements- why am I always losing weight when I run? It must be a simple calories in and calories out break down. If I am unable to keep up wi

Why I am so pooped?

It is Thursday and at 6PM tonight I started wondering why I am so TIRED! I am eating consistently with a huge focus on protein, and sleeping 6-7 hours solid every night. I realize I am a single mom who is effectively run-off-her-feet, but yesterday I had all my clients cancel with sickness and I had a down/administrative day AND a 1 hour nap. WTH? I decided I should count up my trainer reps for the week, and big surprise, I have logged +2000 reps in the past 4 days with 1 dedicated rest day. That is +500/day average, +650 for the 3 days I worked. No wonder I am tired and my core is sore :p I suppose when I have clients like this logging +700 reps/session it should be expected and I should feel fortunate to be challenged by my clients! How many reps are YOU up to this week? Please compete with me and get ripped!

Seafood Saturday

On Saturday I went to my friend's place for dinner with the kids. He made a seafood feast with lobster pasta, crab and beautiful veggies. It was photo worthy and warranted some blog props. While I did not eat any of this handsome little fellow, the lobster pasta was to-die-for. Here is his recipe, c/p'ed from his FB page :) Cooked the shells for an hour with some chicken stock. Strained the shells. Reduced the liquid until it started to stick to the pan. De glazed it with a quarter of a cup of white wine. Added a cup of cream and simmered until thick. Served with chopped lobster bits on top of some penne. Steamed green beans tossed in garlic butter.   Thanks again, Ben!

Trainer Reps

In 2013 I am trying to quantify my "trainer reps"- reps I do every day in sessions with clients. I recognize that I work out all day every day, but my reps are as a trainer- I don't always complete the sets as I am spotting; I don't do every set with every client; the reps are not hard and fast, but they are reps nonetheless. This week I logged about 3800 trainer reps! That's an average of 545/day. For my personal fitness these reps manage my maintenance and contribute to small improvements. My dedicated workouts are gravy and 100% towards improvements. That is very motivating. It's easy when I have clients like this logging 600+ reps per session! Thanks to my clients for helping me to stay in shape!

Prenatal training is Functional!

I was training this week with a client who is 29 weeks pregnant and I was struck, as I am often am, at how functional prenatal training is. Look at these positions my client is using to add challenge to her gentle exercises. Sitting on a ball with 2 feet on a BOSU doing arm lifts is hard for any of us! Why don't we do more functional, slower, stability challenging exercises? Prenatal training requires us to slow down. This does not mean we have to make it easy! Pregnancy is a perfect time to work the fundamentals as a huge investment in synergy and coordinated function. In our non-pregnant condition working out seems to become about the "hard and fast". We want the burn and often at the expense of the 101's. Everyone who trains with me knows that we build up, and in the first few sessions/weeks we cover a lot of 101's. As a trainer, it is my job to ensure that the functional form is in place to support the higher intensity workouts. I think I'll have eve

Nutrition- Soup & Bread!

I could live on soup. Seriously- it is an infusion of goodness full of electrolytes and soluble nutrition. It is hard to f*%$ up soup :) It's a go-to healthy choice. A small serving is very filling. It can be topped with bread, shredded cheese, sour cream or yogurt. It is a 2:00 reheat and great for a fast meal at home. It is a great "healthier" restaurant choice. I order soup all the time! It is delicious :) Ben made this amazing asparagus and broccoli soup. He brought me 2 containers which = 4 servings for me. I have 2 left for the weekend. It is a jam packing 300 calorie infusion- perfect fuel for training and a healthy food plan. Here is his recipe: Four cups of each potato, asparagus carrot and broccoli 1 bag of milk 2 cups chicken stock. I think he blended it. Serve with greek yogurt. After adding the cheese I thought it was a bit salty so perhaps 1 cup of stock could be replaced by 1 cup of water? Regardless, this is a simple and delicious healthy recipe t

Food Plan Strategies

I have never been a fan of eating in my car. It always struck me as unfashionable and sloppy somehow. Perhaps this is because I most often see people eating fast food in their cars. I spend a lot of time driving between clients and am pretty busy every day. One of my resolutions this year has been to stabilize my blood sugar levels more consistently, and to this end I have started eating in my car. It is difficult to manage eating otherwise when I am gone from 7:45AM until 5PM each day, without a structured/regular "lunch break". Each day is different for me so lunch in my car is my strategy. I struggle with appetite and am a picky taster. I like a very broad range of flavors but only certain ones at certain times. I tend to get into cycles. My go-to in the car right now is a peanut butter and jam sandwich on my delicious homemade bread. I cut it into quarters and can graze on it between a couple of clients. Once I get bored with it I will switch to something else for a

Keeping Up, Trainer reps, bread & mustard

Yesterday was a write off. I seemed to get behind the 8 ball early somehow,  and although I was mostly on time I seemed to be scrambling the entire day. I drove by an accident where a teen had been hit by a car at 8:15AM in my neighborhood. She was in the "recovery position" with 6 or 7 people assisting; the ambulance was on its way. I stopped my car to see if I could help but the situation was under control with a CPR person already attending. The poor girl looked really hurt. As I wasn't a witness I left the scene and tried to shake it off. By the end of the day clients needed particularly extensive notes and I actually had to cancel a PM session as an investment in getting my paperwork done- sorry Will! I am trying to get a solid 6-8 hours of sleep each nigh- these 2AM days are killing me! Yesterday I logged +600 trainer reps with 3 clients- full body as well as deep core work. Those add up! Today I am on track with the ladies tearing it up, logging 1100 reps b

Back to Business, Trainer's Reps, a Workout and a bitchin' BLTC

Today is the first official day back-to-business after an awkward holiday break in which Christmas and New Year's Day fell mid-week. This somehow made for a very odd work week all around; coupled with a pretty nasty virus going around, clients were dropping like flies. My die-hards checked in but it seems that most of my clients fell off-the-wagon a little bit both in nutrition and exercise. It happens. Now it's time to regroup and execute some damage control as we build momentum for 2013.  What a great line up I had today! Alison is 29 weeks pregnant and rocking 500+ reps including bilateral and unilateral work on the BOSU! She is one fit Mama who wrapped up our session today boxing it out. Here she is doing reverse flys on the BOSU- this is a great exercise to strengthen and stretch the upper back, chest and arms, with the added element of balance on the BOSU. Badass. Doesn't she look amazing? Be inspired! I am. Next was a new mom I am training, who is 6 months po

Functional Training 101, Cobb-ish salad, and a perfect winter run!

Here is the workout I mapped out for myself yesterday. I had every intention of banging it out, no problem. However, as the day got on I noticed a little twinge in my left hip flexor/groin area which reminded me that I had felt the same thing the night before, with my feet on the inverted BOSU core set. A bit later I felt it on my right side also- nothing severe, just a twinge that made my hip joint feel a bit "off". That's enough of a reason to take a rest day in my opinion. It is a lesson. Although it's hard to be motivated and it is disappointing to skip a workout you are planning, it is devastating to be injured. The workout can wait; the way I see it "just give me a good enough reason to rest" hehe. I have been doing a lot of unilateral BOSU work as well as added more stability challenge to my core sets by placing my feet on the inverted BOSU. These are new and advanced (for me) positions I have worked up to, so it is reasonable that I am feeling

The Ladies are stepping it up!

Following Satvir's lead, Lorie and I logged some serious reps this weekend so far. Yes I completed my goal set last night and I am certainly feeling it today. The assisted chin ups are definitely something I want to work on in 2013. Only by completing mass assisted reps will I build the strength to do a full set unassisted. At my peak I could complete about 10 pull ups. I am down to 4-5 :( I find it is one those exercises that you have to keep doing to maintain. They are hard. The knee raises were also really hard- well the total 100 of them anyway, and 60 of that suspended (no touch back). I love the "kill me now" moment(s) of every workout, and that moment came with 40/40 chin ups and knee raises to finish last night. It's the nature of the beast and the mental game is to just get through them and log those reps! I am happy that I was able to complete 20/20/20 core with my feet on the inverted BOSU: knee tucks, spidermen, leg lifts. Just a couple of weeks ag

The guys are setting the bar so far for 2013!

It's been a SLOW week! Sick kids, lingering holiday schedules and random interruptions seemed to have FUBAR'ed my training week. I still managed to log some serious reps with my die-hards, and it seems the boys are setting the bar for 2013. Way to go, guys! I have my one gal hanging in there with them, keeping me on my toes. As for me, I need to get my ass in gear and keep up with these 3. I am getting bored of the 4:00 HIIT set (blasphemy!) so I am taking to race the clock tonight. I have 500 reps planned- doesn't matter of what, just log them. I will post my whiteboard tomorrow. Lists- 2013 is the year of lists. I read a cliche on FB the other day stating that (amongst other things like reading every day) successful people keep lists. I put a whiteboard by my computer and broke out a notepad. I must admit it has value in staying on task and crossing off those items! Hopefully I can keep it up. This blog post will cross one thing off the current list, and I have 500

Happy New Year from Kate!

Happy New Year! I am coining 2013 the year of "Digging Deep" as we pursue our loftiest goals and ambitions in all areas of our health and wellness. Goal setting is 101 in our strategies for success. Consider these aspects of your well being when planning for 2013: 1.) Exercise- Build towards 3-5x week and steadily increase workout frequency to that goal. 2.) Nutrition- KISS. Simplicity is key. Avoid empty calories. Make healthy choices. No fast food. Eat fresh. Every color is a nutrient. Portions are palm sized. Refined sugar is bad. Choose nutrient dense calories. These are simple rules for success. 3.) Work- We all have to do it. Find balance in the hours you have every day. Remember that over achieving is counter-productive. Balance is key. 4.) Personal- Do not overlook your social, mental and emotional health in your pursuit of balance. Check out once in awhile. Leave your cell phone at home. Spend time with your kids. Walk your dog. Have