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The Ladies are stepping it up!

Following Satvir's lead, Lorie and I logged some serious reps this weekend so far. Yes I completed my goal set last night and I am certainly feeling it today. The assisted chin ups are definitely something I want to work on in 2013. Only by completing mass assisted reps will I build the strength to do a full set unassisted. At my peak I could complete about 10 pull ups. I am down to 4-5 :( I find it is one those exercises that you have to keep doing to maintain. They are hard.

The knee raises were also really hard- well the total 100 of them anyway, and 60 of that suspended (no touch back). I love the "kill me now" moment(s) of every workout, and that moment came with 40/40 chin ups and knee raises to finish last night. It's the nature of the beast and the mental game is to just get through them and log those reps!

I am happy that I was able to complete 20/20/20 core with my feet on the inverted BOSU: knee tucks, spidermen, leg lifts. Just a couple of weeks ago I was really feeling the DOMS from this set- it gets the multifidus firing and all along my spine was sore. I noticed it more on the left side than the right; I assume this is because my right glute is a bit weaker than my left- something I have already noticed in my training. It's becoming a go-to for me and I am excited to get my reps up without being crazy sore in the following days.

I have another 500 reps planned for tonight- same deal, while I am organizing my tax stuff I'll be busting out sets. Combined with Lorie's reps (of which I did about 400 today hehe) I will come close too 1000- but I won't count the trainer reps :) If  I can bang out 500 reps 5x week I will log 2500 reps/rep. It's an ambitious goal but isn't January the time to make a push?

Tomorrow I have the ambitious goal of an 8K and I hope the weather cooperates because it hasn't been taking much to deter me from running these days. I'll blog more about that later...... whiteboard of strength to come! Stay tuned and log your reps today!


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