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Food Plan Strategies

I have never been a fan of eating in my car. It always struck me as unfashionable and sloppy somehow. Perhaps this is because I most often see people eating fast food in their cars.

I spend a lot of time driving between clients and am pretty busy every day. One of my resolutions this year has been to stabilize my blood sugar levels more consistently, and to this end I have started eating in my car. It is difficult to manage eating otherwise when I am gone from 7:45AM until 5PM each day, without a structured/regular "lunch break". Each day is different for me so lunch in my car is my strategy.

I struggle with appetite and am a picky taster. I like a very broad range of flavors but only certain ones at certain times. I tend to get into cycles. My go-to in the car right now is a peanut butter and jam sandwich on my delicious homemade bread. I cut it into quarters and can graze on it between a couple of clients. Once I get bored with it I will switch to something else for a few weeks I am sure. Fruit is also always a go-to. I like clementines, grapes and bananas in the car.

I also now never drive without water. It's another strategy to better my hydration levels consistently, and it really helps!

What are some of YOUR food plan strategies for this year? Tell me, I am always looking for inspiration and tips :)


  1. Hey... Just found this on Pinterest. This refrigerator oatmeal looks yummy but I have not tried it yet. She also has smoothy recipes that might travel well.

  2. Anne- the refrigerator oatmeal looks really good. I must try that. I LOVE the idea of smoothies in the car. 2 travel mugs- 1 for coffee and 1 for smoothie. Great idea.


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