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Postnatal training – Becoming a mother can inspire you!

My blogging attention was devoted to Core Expectations this week, as we trainers submit articles for publication on the company's blog. It gives clients, both new and existing, a sense of who we are as trainers, and the insights we have to offer. I am posting it here to pass it on! Postnatal training – Becoming a mother can inspire you! – by team member: Kate Rita I am very happy to be writing this article as this topic comes up often in my work and this is a perfect forum to share that conversation with many more women. Women are very understandably concerned about the long lasting impacts of pregnancy on the body. The transformation we undergo physically to carry a baby is staggering; delivery is a difficult, physical, painful although wonderful experience which leaves us injured to some degree without exception. Compound that with the new emotions we must understand, increased demands on our depleted resources, as well as social pressure to be a bikini babe in 3