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Postpartum Stomach Exercises – What You Are Doing Wrong

My latest submission to the Core Expections blog : New moms are viciously critical of their postnatal bodies , especially their abdomens. It never ceases to amaze me how self-critical women can be after achieving the ultimate feat of strength – growing and delivering a baby. Sadly, at this moment of our greatest strength we can be left feeling our weakest. It is my job to strengthen new moms for their demanding lives, and we work from the foundation up.    Working with a trainer who can teach you exercises to restore your core is imperative. Only through a custom-targeted restorative program can you ensure that both functional and aesthetic results are achieved. Moms often “go-it-alone” and in doing so can inadvertently undermine their own progress. Nothing is more frustrating than “spinning your wheels”! Exercise takes effort, and without results it becomes seemingly pointless. Frustration kills motivation and it’s a vicious cycle. Here are the ineffective things I

Running is such a privilege

It is Fall again and with the cool weather I have the itch to run. I have not run much since completing the Mississauga Half Marathon in 2012. I took the summer off as I usually do, then began focusing on weight lifting through 2013. I never run in the summer, so here I am in the fall of 2014 feeling the itch. I do believe that a 5k 3x week run program is the perfect cardio component in a comprehensive fitness program. I have certainly been lacking my cardio component since focusing on lifting weights. I also have been busy and as a single mom it can be hard for me to get out to run- the garage home gym is easy access when my kids are sleeping. I have been feeling inclined to reintroduce running for fitness balance, maintaining not only my cardiovascular health but also increasing the effectiveness of my strength training by incorporating more rest on my run days (I do tend to over train when I get motivated and goal driven).  I have done a lot of studying and field work on the