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HIIT Workout Day 2

Day 2. Here is the layout: Each Set 30:10 x 6 Alternating Exercises = 4:00 Use subs in lieu of having BOSU Round 1: BOSU Leans (sub mat Reptiles) 23/25/26 vs. BOSU Jumps 16/19/21   Round 2: Ball PU 20/14/13 vs. Ball Knee Tuck 18/14/13 Round 3: BOSU Pike jump overs (sub mat pike jump overs) 55/34/32 vs. Squat High Knee Twists 15/15/17 Total reps = 390 I did this on the road visiting a friend. I had to get it done and I roped him into logging some reps with me :) Get yours on!

HIIT Workout! The Daily Challenge Begins Today!

In the hopes of making a push, I am hosting a daily 12:00 HIIT workout. Log your reps and post your results. Here is Day 1: Core Trio- I did this from the HALO (on floor) and feet on BOSU. You can shake it up as you wish or just hit the mat old school: 30:10 x 6 = 4:00 Plank Knee Tucks 47/46 Reptiles 30/26 Running Mountain Climbers 46/49 Total 244 Lower 30:10 x 6 = 4:00 Reverse Lunge High Kick L/R 15/16 Squat lats 15 Reverse Lunge High Kick L/R 14/14 Squat High Knee Twists 14 Total 88 Mat 20:10 x 8 = 4:00 Alternate exercises for 2 rounds Tricep PU L/R 14/13/14/13 Side Bridge Dip Outside Elbow Knee Touch R/L 11/11/12/12 Total 100 My total 12:00 workout = 432 Hard reps! What's your #? I earned my post workout banana, eggs & toast :)