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Postnatal training – Becoming a mother can inspire you!

My blogging attention was devoted to Core Expectations this week, as we trainers submit articles for publication on the company's blog. It gives clients, both new and existing, a sense of who we are as trainers, and the insights we have to offer. I am posting it here to pass it on!

Postnatal training – Becoming a mother can inspire you! – by team member: Kate Rita

I am very happy to be writing this article as this topic comes up often in my work and this is a perfect forum to share that conversation with many more women.

Women are very understandably concerned about the long lasting impacts of pregnancy on the body. The transformation we undergo physically to carry a baby is staggering; delivery is a difficult, physical, painful although wonderful experience which leaves us injured to some degree without exception. Compound that with the new emotions we must understand, increased demands on our depleted resources, as well as social pressure to be a bikini babe in 3 months, and we have a potential recipe for an overwhelmed new mom with defeated personal goals becoming increasingly frustrated and resigned to never being as fit as she once was. It can feel insurmountable. Can you relate?

As a trainer and mom I am proud to be able to tell my clients “Look at me. I’m a Mom of 2 and I am in the best shape of my life. You can be too!” I have a pregnant body building client who tells me “I give her hope.” Here are some of the personal insights I share on how becoming a Mom can help us tap into our very best

1. New Inspiration
Becoming a mother brought a new sense of inspiration into my life. If you’d asked me when I was 25 how I felt about death I was nonchalant. I had lived a full life; I had reconciled mortality. I clearly remember being struck by the thought: as a mom I couldn’t die yet! I needed at least another 30 years to see my kids grown and established without me! I needed time to teach them
and make memories and love them. I wanted them to remember me!
2. New sense of urgency!
From this new inspiration came a sense of urgency. I felt the gravity of my poor decisions much more. Mommy guilt is bad enough on a good day. I was motivated to be the best I could be. I would like to say that over the years I have tempered this, as striving for perfection is unrealistic, too much pressure, and also sets a bad example for our kids in my opinion. We are all just trying the best we can. We all suffer setbacks, make mistakes, hopefully learn from them, recover and carry on. Being the best you can be is an ongoing pursuit just as the state of balance is a dynamic one, although it appears static.

3. Love the changes that do happen – you are fit and strong!
There are some things we cannot control. Stretch marks are my best example because they are genetic. It is my position that when we are fit, toned and strong it doesn’t matter! I always use our team leader Sam as my example; she has stretch marks on her toned abdomen with no fat and they are barely discernible faint reminders of what she has accomplished. Abdominal fat and
underdeveloped abs can dimple stretch marks, yes. Our hips and waist may be an inch wider and our feet a size bigger are not a big deal! Breasts can be lifted by building pectorals! The key is to be strong and toned so get focused!

4. You are now a role model, lady!
We are now setting an example for our children and our families. I find this especially important with my daughter, as I illustrate a realistic approach to being fit and healthy; really beautiful from the inside out. It takes discipline and work ethic and these are tremendous life values. Work hard for the things you want and you will be excellent! I will forever be proud that she watched me
workout during my 2nd pregnancy and I know she will remember the effort when she struggles with her own goals.

5. Your comfort zone boundaries are crushed – you are mentally stronger!
Let’s be honest. Nothing crushes modesty and self consciousness like laying on a table in a room full of people and delivering a baby. After that experience, stepping out of your comfort zone should be a breeze! Hit the gym with a trainer even if you never have. Try a new activity, push your boundaries and explore horizons in ways you might never have had the courage to before. You are a mom now and the sky is the limit!

6. Don’t believe the hype.
This myth that our bodies can never be the same is not true! If you are frustrated then I must ask have you REALLY put in the smart training to achieve your postnatal goals? Is your nutrition REALLY on track? Do you know if you have a diastasis that is undermining your strength training? Do you have pelvic floor symptoms that you are resigned to live with? Train smart with a specialized postnatal trainer and deal directly with postnatal fitness concerns! This is the key to success.

7. If you are frustrated….
I know first hand that you CAN be in the BEST shape of your life as a Mom. Firstly we have to stop comparing ourselves to celebrities who have endless resources to pursue postnatal recovery with trainers, nutritionists and a full domestic staff on hand to help them! In our more modest situations we simply need to train smart, functionally and frequently. We need a comprehensive approach to recovery that covers all the bases. Working with an experienced postnatal trainer to guide you through this time is your single best investment in success. We have the comprehensive understanding of pre and postnatal concerns to safely and effectively help you reach all of your goals. If I can do it, you really can too! All of my postnatal clients tell me that after training with me they are insistent upon having me on board for subsequent pregnancies. Trust me when I say that the guidance is worth it’s weight in gold – you!

Search out the support and resources you need. I’ll make it easy! Go to

Kate Rita is the mother of two and a pre & postnatal exercise specialist with a passion for running! With five half marathons under her belt, she is a master at showing you how you can get a full body workout with just a stability ball and a mat. You can read more about Kate here:


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